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WP63T 20mm-63mm PPR Socket Fusion Soudeuse

The WELPING WP63TB socket welding machine is suitable for welding joints, pipes and fittings up to 63 mm. Selected components are characterised by their durability and ease of use. Heating plate of narrow design ensures welding operation in confined spaces.
  • WP63TB
  • 552063
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Caractéristiques du produit

TB- perform excellently in plastic pipes series models welding. Industrial class welding shoes and heating plate with thicker material guaranteed stable welding temperature.

Double insulation panels efficiently prevent heat dissipation. Engineering rubber handle, galvanized stand and clampingbracket make it easier in rough situations. 

Quality aluminum heat sink allows the machine to work for a long time.

Digital display optional for better operation experience.

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Welding range: 20mm-63mm
Welding shoes (mm): 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63
Source d'énergie: 220V, 50Hz
Pouvoir: 1000W
Applicable material PP, PE, PB
Température de fonctionnement: 220℃-290℃
Température ambiante: -20-60℃
Humidité relative: 45-95%
Warning temperature: 315℃
Safety guideline:

Insurability resistance≥1MΩ

Leakage current≤5mA

Optional part: Affichage numérique

Standard including:

Socket fusion machine

1 pc
Welding shoes 1 jeu: 20-25-32-40-50-63mm
Metal carrying case
1 pc
Table stand 1 pc
Table clamp 1 pc
Socket tweezer 1 pc
Clés et boulons 1 jeu


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